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Aspen fuel for your garden machinery is now available near Sidmouth and Exeter in East Devon from Garden Kit Ltd. Aspen 4 is also great for Coleman Dual Fuel Camping stoves.

The biggest problem facing the garden machinery service department these days is that of stale petrol. This causes poor starting, bad running, poor power, and damage to fuel system components. Normal unleaded petrol has a shelf life of only 30 days.  A solution to this is to use Aspen fuel which will last for 5 years!

Aspen 2-stroke and 4-stroke alkylate petrol is the cleanest form of petrol that is today available on the market. Using normal premium unleaded petrol in small capacity engines without catalytic converters is damaging for your health, the environment and not particularly clever for the machinery. Aspen alkylate petrol contains virtually no sulphur, no benzene and no aromatics.

The ready mixed Aspen 2-stroke alkylate petrol also reduces the risk of incorrect mixing eliminating engine failures (very costly mistakes).

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