ALKO 4610HPD  Easymow lawnmower
ALKO 4610HPD Easymow lawnmower


The AL-KO 4610HPD lawnmower is self propelled to reduce operator fatigue.

Product: ALKO 4610HPD Easymow lawnmowerCategory: LawnmowersAttributes: Al-ko , Combi (Mulch or Collect) , Honda , Pull Start , 4 wheeled Self Propelled , Medium. 46 - 48cm (17"- 19") , SteelTags:
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The  AL-KO 4610HPD lawnmower  is self propelled to reduce operator fatigue. It offers the same features as the 4210H and HPD but  with the added benefit of having a 46cm cutting width, the 4610HPD model suits medium to large sized lawns of up to 1100m2.

The large capacity 70 litre grass collector, and outstanding collection in all weather conditions, plus its mulching function, make this model a great all rounder. The Easy-Mow range now features a conditional 5-Year Warranty on the complete machine.

This has been our best selling lawn mower, year in and year out for the last 8 years, receiving universal approval from domestic users as well as commercial operators.

The large diameter rear wheels allow this mower to traverse the roughest of lawns, whilst the side discharge feature allows long grass to be tackled with ease.

Cutting Width 46cm
Function 4INONE function
Cutting Height 30-80mm
Cutting Height Adjustment Central, 7 stage
Engine Honda GCV 140
Cylinder Displacement 135cc
Power 2.6kW / 2900rpm
Power Drive 1-speed
Cutting Deck ULTRAMOW Steel
Bag Volume 70 litres
Wheel Size 200/280mm, ball bearings
Weight 32.0kg
Homeowner Warranty 5 Year *subject to servicing

The engine of this machine requires SAE10w30 oil. The engine will be filled prior to delivery, but subsequent oil changes will require 0.6 litres of oil. We suggest that a first oil change is carried out at roughly 10 hours use, then on an annual basis.

We would also suggest that an annual service is carried out.

The engine is designed to run on standard unleaded fuel, but please be aware that this fuel will go stale very quickly so it is best to use fuel that is less than 60 days old or engine problems can occur.

We recommend the use of ASPEN 4 fuel as it will last indefinitely without going stale, so peak performance and starting is always guaranteed. ASPEN 4 is however more expensive than standard petrol but in our opinion it is well worth the added expense.It can be purchased in sealed 5 litre cans from ourselves at the Colaton Raleigh shop. Find out more using this link.


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