Arbsafe register of small machinery

Safeguard your machinery with Arbsafe


We are very pleased to offer you the chance to register your garden machinery on Arbsafe, the first asset management and stolen equipment register. Following the ever increasing thefts from garden sheds and garages over the years, it became clear that there was a growing need to present this information in a more orderly and easily accessible format.

The creator of Arbsafe has done just that. An intuitive user interface makes it possible for anyone to register and add any manner of equipment within minutes. The secure new website allows provision for managing your business or domestic  assets privately, as well as displaying your stolen assets publicly.

What does Arbsafe offer?

  • Arbsafe is FREE and SECURE
  • Arbsafe provides a publicly searchable database of stolen equipment registered with the service
  • Supported by the industry
  • View recent thefts on our theft hotspot map
  • Sign up for notifications of recent thefts, potentially alerting you to any increased criminal activity in your area

We realize beside security precautions, there is very little we can do to prevent theft, what we can do is work together to raise awareness of the problem. One of the goals of Arbsafe is to make the resale of stolen equipment harder. This can only be done through mass adoption of the Arbsafe initiative so we encourage you to please spread the word and help us make a difference together!