All About Mulching

All About Mulching


Why collect your grass?


Mulching is the future!

Save time and Money, No Rotting grass, Recycle your grass clippings and fertilise your lawn.

Perfect Lawns the easy way

Mulching lawnmowers efficiently cut and re-cut grass clippings into tiny particles which are then blown deep into the turf out of sight. As a result you have no clippings to dispose of – no trips to the tip, no piles of rotting grass in your garden, just a perfect finish that’s 30% quicker. Stiga mulching moers lead the field in recycling your grass.

Multlclip Function

Thanks to the special design of the blade, the small pieces are blown down into the lawn. 

Unlike conventional mowers which collect grass, mulching lawnmowers utilise a system that recycles the clippings as you mow, there are no more heavy grass collectors to empty, no more stop/start mowing, this saves so much time and effort it really is a pleasure to cut the lawn.

What happens to the clippings

Cutting and re-cutting the blades of grass into tiny particles allows them to wilt and break down much more quickly than when mown with a single cut. A blade of grass contains more than 80% moisture, chopping it into fine particles releases this moisture almost immediately so the recycling process starts as you mow.

Feed Your Lawn

Grass clippings make an excellent slow release fertiliser if mulched correctly; throwing away your grass wastes valuable nutrients.

If your lawn is the size of a tennis court you will collect an amazing 1¼ tons of grass every year and waste 33lbs of nitrogen, 30lbs of potash and 10lbs of phosphate.



Noise levels – something to shout about

Multiclip mowers are among the quietest in the world – not only friendly to the environment but also to you and your neighbours. Typically, a Multiclip has less than half the apparent noise level of a conventional petrol mower due to the technology involved in the blade and deck design.

Feed the natural way

Recycling your grass clippings is the easiest way to maintain healthy soil with no need for artificial fertilisers. Healthy soil is full of micro-organisms, earth worms and beneficial insects, feeding these creatures regularly with organic matter will actually improve the quality of your soil and lawn. Finely chopped grass from a Multiclip mower provides a banquet for these tiny creatures, the smaller the particles of organic matter the quicker they will be broken down and release valuable elements into the soil.

Mulching mowers reduce thatch

Some gardeners may be concerned about a build-up of thatch as a result of mulching their grass. The fact is properly mulching grass will reduce that build up by improving the texture and content of the soil thereby reducing disease and thatch; the result is a fuller and healthier lawn.

Quick guide to better mowing

To obtain the best results from a mulching mower you should leave your grass slightly longer than with a conventional mower. We recommend keeping the height of your grass to around 1½” to 2”. It will be ready to mow again at 2½” to 3” long, aim to take 1/3 off the grass length when mowing.

On average, throughout the UK, the grass will need mowing once a week in the spring and once a fortnight in the summer months. But in the coastal fringes of Devon some grass types can grow a bit faster and you may need cut twice a week in the fastest growth season


Who should consider mulching....?

If you do not, can not or will not cut your grass frequently then do not consider a mulcher mower. They simply do not like long grass. Trying to mulch long grass only serves to stress the machine, burn out belts and leave a right old mess behind. If you seldom cut your grass it will get long and thick. The best way to deal with this is to use a collector mower. It will take a very long time to cut, and there will be a massive pile of grass cuttings, but the lawn will then be short and tidy, although maybe a little yellow.

If you are not worried about the finish, then a side discharge mower will give you the easiest and fastest cut.

Or learn to cut more often, and enjoy the incredible finish and fast cutting of a mulcher.


If however you love to see your lawn always looking good without the extremes of long grass before cutting, and short grass afterwards, and if you always have the time available to cut the grass every time it looks just a little unkempt (this could be every 3-4 days in peak growth season if you have fast growing grass)  you will just love a mulcher. Its just so quick and easy to do, just one start then cut the whole lawn. No stopping to empty grass clippings, no bending or lifting, no dirty hands! And a perfect finish with not a clipping in sight. Customers who have converted to mulching usually wish they had done it years before.

TIP!  Mulching will return the clippings to the lawn where they rapidly decompose and feed the grass keeping it healthy. If you currently apply fertiliser then I suggest you ease back considerably. This will not only save money but also keep the growth rate down and extend you cutting intervals.

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