A 5 litre can of Aspen 2 alkylate fuel
Aspen 2


Does petrol really go stale?, Yes it does, but Aspen 2, clean burning, premixed 2 Stroke fuel stays fresh indefinitely.

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Due to the increasing concerns regarding the safety of our employees and customers, our policy is that we no longer use ordinary 'pump' petrol in our workshop. We will only be using ASPEN FUEL from now on.
We have introduced this policy to address health concerns surrounding the use of regular fuel in our work environment.

Aspen alkylate fuel is especially formulated for your garden machinery, and unlike ordinary petrol this clean burning fuel stays fresh for many years.

Around 80% of the engine problems we experience in the garden machinery trade are due to 'pump' fuel which has gone stale. In fact the fuel brought from garages these days only has a shelf life of around 60 days max. After this time the fuel has generally degraded sufficiently to gum up fuel systems as well as attack soft materials in the fuel systems, causing expensive damage.

Aspen 2 is a ready-mixed (2%) alkylate petrol for all 2-stroke small capacity engines with a recommended mix of 2% or 1:50. It is mixed with a synthetic high quality high performance 2-stroke oil for maximum protection and low smoke. This 2-stroke ready-mixed alkylate petrol contains no sulphur, benzene or aromatics. It is therefore much better from a health aspect to use than regular petrol. In fact normal petrol contains so much benzene and aromatics (read solvents) that it is a real health risk to use in 2-stroke engines. Aspen 2 is also chemically stable so you can comfortably leave the fuel in the machine and it will not gum-up. It will also store for years whereas normal petrol start to go off after 30 days.

It is available in a recyclable 5 litre plastic can or in a 200 litre steel drum right here in Devon.

If you care about your health, your environment and your machinery - Aspen alkylate petrol is your only choice!

Please visit http://www.aaoil.co.uk for more detailed information


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