A 5litre can of Aspen 4 alkylate fuel ready for use
Aspen 4


Aspen 4, the modern eco friendly fuel for you lawnmower.

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Due to the increasing concerns regarding the safety of our employees and customers, our policy is that we no longer use ordinary 'pump' petrol in our workshop. We will only be using ASPEN FUEL from now on.
We have introduced this policy to address health concerns surrounding the use of regular fuel in our work environment.

Aspen fuel for your garden machinery is formulated specially for your lawnmower and other 4 stroke garden machinery.. Aspen 4 is also great for Coleman Dual Fuel Camping stoves as well as being ideal for 4 Stroke outboard motors. 

Ordinary 'pump' fuel degrades rapidly and should not be kept for any longer than 60 days, or fuel system gumming and decay can occur. This will result in loss of power and poor starting. The use of Aspen 4 fuel will ensure that the fuel system of your small engines remain in tip top condition even if not used for long periods, ensuring the very easiest starting every time.

Aspen 4 is the cleanest petrol that you can use. Aspen is made from Alkylate Petrol which is made from the gases from the top of the distillation tower which is then synthetically modified into a liquid again. The result is a petrol that is totally free from sulphur, benzene and aromatics (solvents). It is chemically inert meaning that you can leave the fuel in the machinery and your lawnmower will start next spring again. An added bonus is that it does not smell, the exhausts does not smell, it will not smoke and you are breathing a much cleaner air when you are mowing your lawn. It will store for years without going stale.

Lawn mower exhausts are extremely dirty compared to fumes from normal cars that are equipped with catalytic converters. Would you have your afternoon tea behind your cars exhaust pipe??? Did not think so but you would probably happily cut your lawn with your motorised lawn mover without catalytic converters using normal petrol full of benzene and solvents. And if you are really green you are probably cultivating your own vegetables which will then be covered with fumes...

Use Aspen 4 and you will discover a completely new world of cleaner working environment - now you can cut your lawn without polluting the world and damaging your lungs. Get Aspen here in Devon.

Go to http://www.aaoil.co.uk for more informatio


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