Battery Ride On Mowers
Battery  Ride On Mowers

Stiga is leading the field in the world of Electric garden tractors with the STIGA e-Ride. Stiga and Mountfield have between them a 15 model range of electric ride on mowers.

You can choose from  simple side discharge models or collection machines. There is even a top of the range front deck machine. Or you can opt for one of 3 incredible new Axial Flow  models  which are effectively 'Zero Turn' machines.

Stiga have used years of knowledge, expertise, and experience to create a garden tractor range, including both side-discharge and collecting models – that combines STIGA cutting and collecting technology with the benefits of battery power.

STIGA E-Power machines provide reliability beyond expectations. They have designed, developed and tested batteries at a full, ‘real-life’ usage current that goes far beyond the common, but less demanding, Industry Standard test.

Tested beyond industry standards, STIGA E-Power batteries powering the e-Ride are designed to stay strong after 500 charging and discharging cycles, granting the best-in-class machine reliability.



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Stiga Swift 372e

The smallest of the Stiga Battery Mowers, the Swift 372e

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Stiga Tornado 398e Battery Ride On

Stiga Tornado 398e battery powered ride on mower

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Stiga Tornado 598e Battery Ride On

Stiga Tornado 598e battery powered ride on mower

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