Tanaka THB260PF
Tanaka THB260PF

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Tanaka THB 260PF Commercial Grade Handheld Blower

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The Tanaka THB 260PF is ideal for intensive commercial use or homeowners due to its superior blowing performance (393CFM), robust build-quality and advanced ergonomics.  Its powerful and fuel efficient 24cc (1.3hp) Pure Fire engine is equipped with a Walbro diaphragm carburettor, an electronic ignition and a fuel primer for reliable starting; and it combines a heavy duty forged steel connecting-rod with a chrome plated, stress relieved cylinder to ensure a very lengthy service life. Operator comfort is obviously a key consideration when you're taking on large scale applications with a hand held tool. The Tanaka THB 260PF ticks all the boxes in this regard, with its low-weight design, auxiliary handle (which allows for two-handed use), cruise control and a soft elastomer grip all working to make it a pleasure to use.

With the addition of the optional THV260VS kit this blower can be easily converted to a blower/vac.

These machines requires 2 stroke fuel. The traditional way of making this fuel is to buy unleaded petrol and mix high quality 2 stroke oil at a ratio of 50:1.
However, standard pump petrol now contains Ethanol which causes the petrol to deteriorate rapidly causing starting and running problems.
A much better solution is to buy our Aspen 2 fuel, which is pre mixed with the oil and has a shelf life of up to 5 years. This fuel is better for the machine, better for the environment and better for your health.
For more information visit our Aspen page  More about Aspen

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Environmentally sound PureFire engine
Forged con-rod and chrome plated cylinder for superior longevity
Fuel primer and electronic ignition for headache free starting
Innovative high volume fan nozzle for ultra efficient performance
Shredder / vacuum capable with steel blade impellor
Ultra lightweight design for effortless operation
Secondary handle allows for less tiring two-handed use
Cruise control and soft elastomer grip for optimum user comfort

Displacement 24cc
Max power 0.84kw
Fuel tank capacity 0.6L
Air volume 10.3m3/min
Air velocity 48.6m/sec
Dry weight 4.6kg

Use of the correct fuel is also very important to all 2 stroke engines to ensure optimum engine life and ease of starting. The correct fuel to oil ratio for this hedge cutter is 50:1 (2%).

Only semi synthetic, or fully synthetic oils of good quality should be used. We supply Rock Groundsman 2 stoke oil which we have found to be 100% reliable.

However, the fuel mix is only as good as the base petrol and unfortunately modern petrols are very poor quality and tend to degrade quickly (within a couple of months from purchase).
This degraded fuel leads to poor starting and reduced performance. As the fuel ages it also causes the oil content to separate from the petrol which can cause serious engine damage if used.

To overcome the problems associated with todays ‘pump’ petrol we strongly recommend the use of ASPEN alkylate fuel in all small petrol engines.

Follow the link to our Aspen page to learn more about this fuel.


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