Tanaka TBC240S
Tanaka TBC240S 24cc Loop handle brushcutter

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The Tanaka TBC240S straight shaft 24cc brush cutter

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The Tanaka TBC240S grass trimmer is fitted with a powerful 24cc 2-stroke engine producing 0.85kw max power and has always our best selling brushcutter in the 24cc bracket.

The Tanaka TBC240S brushcutter features high quality components including a stress relieved, chrome plated cylinder for longer life and a bearing supported, solid steel drive shaft providing smooth and efficient power transfer from the engine to the 5" tap and go nylon cutting head.

The guality 5" bump feed cutting head makes it simple to load and holds 25 feet of 2.4mm copolymer nylon cutting line and the anti-vibration system includes a comfortable front handle and heavy-duty rubber mount between the engine and shaft.

If you have more stubborn undergrowth to clear the TBC240S strimmer can be converted to a brushcutter with the optional 4-tooth metal blade.

The Tanaka TBC240S grass trimmer is an extremely versatile machine as with the purchase of the relevant accessory, the Tanaka TBC 240S can be turned into a hedgetrimmer (TPH-200), power-pruner (TPS-200) 

Comes with single harness.

These machines requires 2 stroke fuel. The traditional way of making this fuel is to buy unleaded petrol and mix high quality 2 stroke oil at a ratio of 50:1.
However, standard pump petrol now contains Ethanol which causes the petrol to deteriorate rapidly causing starting and running problems.
A much better solution is to buy our Aspen 2 fuel, which is pre mixed with the oil and has a shelf life of up to 5 years. This fuel is better for the machine, better for the environment and better for your health.
For more information visit our Aspen page  More about Aspen

24cc  Pure Fire® two-stoke engine meets emissions levels without sacrificing power, adding weight, or creating maintenance headaches
Commercial grade engine provides excellent performance and durability
S-start effortless and reliable starting system reduces the amount of pull force by 50%
Lightweight and great balance for less fatigue and better maneuverability
Rugged tank guard protects the fuel tank from damage
Splined solid steel drive shaft for better performance and durability
Anti-vibration system provides maximum comfort to get more done with less fatigue
5" Standard two-line semi automatic trimmer head, .095" trimmer line


Engine displacement 24cc
Power 0.85kw
Handle Single loop
Fuel tank capacity 0.52L
Dia. of pipe 24mm straight
Drive System 7mm Solid Steel Shaft
Standard Cutting Head 5" Semi-Automatic Feed (.095" Line)
Harness single S
Dry Weight 4.6kg

A petrol brush cutter needs to be kept well serviced in order to perform. We offer a complete annual service which we will be happy to carry out for you.Follow the link below to our service section.


Use of the correct fuel is also very important to all 2 stroke engines to ensure optimum engine life and ease of starting. The correct fuel to oil ratio for this brushcutter is 50:1 (2%).

Only semi synthetic, or fully synthetic oils of good quality should be used. We supply Rock Groundsman 2 stoke oil which we have found to be 100% reliable.

However, the fuel mix is only as good as the base petrol and unfortunately modern petrols are very poor quality and tend to degrade quickly (within a couple of months from purchase).
This degraded fuel leads to poor starting and reduced performance. As the fuel ages it also causes the oil content to separate from the petrol which can cause serious engine damage if used.

To overcome the problems associated with todays ‘pump’ petrol we strongly recommend the use of ASPEN alkylate fuel in all small petrol engines.

Follow the link to our Aspen page to learn more about this fuel.


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