multiclip 50 AE
Stiga Multiclip 50AE


The Multiclip 50AE is a hand-propelled mulching lawnmower powered by the new 80V battery. The large 48 cm cutting deck ensures an excellent finish for your lawn.

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The Stiga Multiclip 50 AE is a hand-propelled mulching lawnmower, equipped with Stiga's new longlasting 80V battery. This mower has been designed to provide the ultimate lawn mowing experience. The revolutionary 80V motor develops the same power as a petrol engine, but no emissions, and virtually no noiuse. With its 1000 recharge cycles, the 5 amp hour battery will save you 400 litres of fuel. Imagine the savings, not only of the fuel at £1.20 per litre, but also the time and cost saving of not going to the filling station for more petrol

Mulching is the easiest way to cut your grass and the hi tech deign of the blade and design also makes the lawnmower exceedingly quiet. The Stiga multiclip system cuts and recuts the grass into tiny pieces that simply wilt away, returning valuable nutrients to the soil where they feed the grass donig away with the need for expensive lawn feeds.. You don’t need to stop and empty a collector, which means you can cut the grass about 30% faster than using a conventional pick up mower.

A large 48cm cutting deck with a choice of 5 heights of cut ranging from 31-80mm operated by a single lever, ensures a perfect cut for your lawn.

The Multiclip 50 AEcomes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty and is suitable for large gardens up to 2000 sq metres.


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