Stiga Multiclip 50 SX DAE cordless muncher
Stiga Multiclip 50SX DAE - Self propelled battery mulcher


The only Multiclip mower in the 500 series, this machine has all the benefits of the petrol multiclips. Batteries and chargers sold separately.

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The, new, eco-friendly STIGA Multiclip 50 SX DAE  cordless multiclip mower is powered by the latest double batteries that guarantee quiet operation with zero emissions and extremely low noise. The STIGA lawnmowers in the 500 Synchronized range are all powered by two 48v batteries that work together, balancing the different charges for the peak efficiency. The batteries and charger are NOT included and must be purchased separately.

The Stiga Multiclip 50 SX DAE is a self propelled dedicated mulching mower with an easy to use electronic speed variator,allowing you to adjust the speed of the mower to suit your individual pace; It has a 48cm cutting width and the height of cutting height can easily be adjusted any of 5 different cutting height through a range of 31 to 75mm using a centralised lever.

Multiclip mowers have no need for a collector, because the clippings are finely cut for mulching. Mulching is the simplest and quickest way to cut your grass as you have no need to stop and empty the grassbox.  The ispecial mulching blade  and deck design also makes this mower  much quieter than its collection counterparts. The Stiga Multiclip system cuts and re-cuts the grass into tiny pieces that quickly wilt away, returning valuable nutrients back into you lawn to encourage lush green growth. With no need to rake or empty a collector, you can cut the grass about 30% faster compared to a collecting mower and reduce the use of artificial fertilisers, all while maintaining a high standard of finish.

The folding soft-grip, X shaped handle features a 1.54" OLED display for monitoring the battery charge level (shown in %), as well as speed and the activation of the Eco-Mode function. A window in the motor lets you see the battery's LED charge. 

This model comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

Motor Type1500W Brushless Motor
Battery Capacity48V - 4Ah x 2 (Recommended)
Battery Power345.60W per hour - 4Ah Lithium-Ion battery
Battery Charging Time180 mins (standard charger)
DriveSelf Propelled
Cutting Width48cm /19"
Cutting Heights31-75mm (5 Positions)
Cutting Height AdjustmentCentralised
ChassisGalvanised Steel
Lawn SizeUp to 850m²
Safety FeaturesOperator Presence Control
Included AccessoriesN/A
WheelsFront 210mm Rear 210mm Ball Bearings
Warranty2 Years
Washing LinkNo
dB(A) Rating
Vibration Level

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