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Update November 1st 2020

In accordance with the new nationwide November lockdown we will, of course be making some changes to the way we work.

The Service and Repair Workshop remains open as normal

Our repair and service facility will carry on working as normal with the correct precautions in place for staff and customers safety.

You are very welcome to bring your machines in for service as usual, but if possible we request that you unload them yourself, so it may be best to bring assistance.
We are happy to unload for you but ask that you stay at least 2 metres clear when we approach your car.

The service reception area is screened from our staff and we will be continuing to wear masks in the presence of customers and request that you also wear a face covering when entering reception. Only one customer will be allowed into the reception at any one time. Customers will not be allowed to enter the workshop area.

We are still collecting machines for service and repair, but request that your machine is ready for us to collect from your driveway. To avoid the risk of contamination and in our mutual best interests we will not be entering your inside spaces such as sheds and garages. Should your machine not be left out for us at the designated time we will reschedule the collection for another time and a double collection charge will be levied. Serviced machines will be returned to the same location.
All goods are handled with gloves and disinfected before dropping off. Please maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from our delivery driver at all times.

Aspen fuel is classed as an essential item

We will be continuing to supply Aspen fuel throughout lockdown, but wherever possible we request that you phone in your order and pay by card. The fuel will be left outside at our collection point for you to make a contactless pick up.


Our showroom will be closed for browsing

But this need not stop you buying your new machinery. Instead of browsing in our showroom you can browse this website prior to telephoning us to discuss your needs.

As you will not be able to come into our showroom we will be continuing with our much liked 'call and collect' service .Your purchases, including Aspen fuel, can be ordered and paid for by phone and card, then be collected from our safe collection point at our outdoor sales bench. Machinery sales and handover can also be performed outside when the weather permits.

Larger machinery purchases can be delivered, depending on location, whilst observing due care and distancing.
All goods are handled with gloves and disinfected before handover.
Please be assured of our best attention, and that we will always observe the correct procedures with regards to social distancing and cleanliness.

Phone us on 01395 567514 or email [email protected]