Harry PH270S
Harry PH270S pole hedge trimmer

RRP: £519.00

Part of a range of Japanese Pole Hedge Trimmers powered by Kawaski engines for professional use.

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We have chosen the Harry medium reach hedgecutter to replace the very popular Tanaka TPH230S which is unfortunately no longer available. However, the Harry has some significant improvements over the Tanaka with its larger 27cc Kawasaki engine and 180degree foldable head. We feel that this machine will become even more popular than the preceding Tanak model.


Adjustable angle is upper 48°, Lower 84°
Large, easy to use adjusting knob with safety lever
Laser cut blades are sharpened on three sides, have a pitch of 35mm and can cut branches of up to 10mm

Type: Adjustable Angle
Shaft: 1,100mm
Cutting Length: 21"/533mm
Overall Length: 2030mm
Blade Pitch: 35mm
Weight: 6.3kg
Engine Model: TJ27
Displacement: 26.3cc
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.5L
Fuel/Oil Mix: 50:1

A petrol hedgetrimmer, needs to be kept sharp in order to perform. We offer a sharpening service alone, or as part of a complete annual service which we will be happy to carry out for you.Follow the link below to our service section.



Use of the correct fuel is also very important to all 2 stroke engines to ensure optimum engine life and ease of starting. The correct fuel to oil ratio for this hedge cutter is 50:1 (2%).

Only semi synthetic, or fully synthetic oils of good quality should be used. We supply Rock Groundsman 2 stoke oil which we have found to be 100% reliable.

However, the fuel mix is only as good as the base petrol and unfortunately modern petrols are very poor quality and tend to degrade quickly (within a couple of months from purchase).

This degraded fuel leads to poor starting and reduced performance. As the fuel ages it also causes the oil content to separate from the petrol which can cause serious engine damage if used.

To overcome the problems associated with todays ‘pump’ petrol we strongly recommend the use of ASPEN alkylate fuel in all small petrol engines.

Follow the link to our Aspen page to learn more about this fuel.



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