my mower will not start

My mower does not start, can it be the fuel?

If your mower will not start then you need our expert service, and you need it now!  If you live in East Devon then we are your local specialist independant dealer and Aspen agent and can help you out, quickly. 

A non starting mower is often due to the quality and age of the fuel. Petrol from the pump rapidy degrades causing starting issues and even damage to the fuel system

If you are able to get your mower into your car then do just that and bring it in to us, this will be the quickest way to get it repaired, but if you can not transport it yourself give us a call to arrange collection.

We will rectify all your faults and fill your mower with high quality Aspen fuel to prevent further problems, and suggest you use this wonder fuel in the future.

We are at Unit 2, The Old Sawmills, Colaton Raleigh, Devon and are happy to offer our services to the people of East Devon