Stiga Mountfield Cordless machines


There have been cordless machines around for years, but until recently the batteries have been weak, with short run times, short life spans and expensive replacement costs.

But  things have changed and I now firmly believe that the latest machines offer a real and viable alternative to 'mains cabled' electric machines and, in the case of the 80Volt Stiga range they even compete well with petrol power.

The Stiga 24V range offers cost effective machines that each come with their battery and charger in the box, at an all inclusive price.

The Mountfield 48 Volt 'Freedom' range includes 2 lawnmowers, each of which are supplied with 2 batteries and a charger at an inclusive price. The batteries are universal and once you own some you can buy other hand held kit which uses the same battery.  If you don not need a mower then the batteries and chargers can be purchased individually.

For 2019 we have the all new 500 Synchronised range of cordless machinery. This also operates on 48volt battery packs, but different ones to the Freedom 48 Volt system. This 500 range features heavy duty chassis and batteries, with the mowers operating on 2 batteries at a time.

More expensive, but much higher in power, is the Stiga 80Volt system. Once again, the mowers are supplied complete with a battery and charger, whereas the hand held equipment such as hedgetrimmers, blowers and brushcutters are supplied as bare units, requiring the additional purchase of batteries and chargers.

We are the East Devon garden machinery specialist dealer and are happy to advise you on your choice of Cordless equipment.