Which Ride On, Stiga or John Deere?

Stiga Versus John Deere

As you can see from our product ranges, we sell both John Deere and Stiga garden tractors, but which is right for you?

The answer to this depends on what you want from a ride on mower.

If you want to mulch fine lawns as opposed to collecting the grass then a dedicated mulching mower is what you need, and by far the best mower at mulching grass is the Stiga multiclip. Stiga have a wide range of sizes of multiclip ride ons in the Villa and Park ranges, all with unique, versatile front decks. The finish left by a Stiga is far superior to other products, including John Deere. So for mulching, choose Stiga.

If, on the other hand, you want to maintain large areas of amenity grass which may be more akin to an orchard, paddock or playing field, then speed may be prefered and a slightly less perfect mulch might be acceptable. In this case John Deere win hands down with their side discharge decks, available in several sizes from 42' to 60". These extremely rugged machines can cut and throw the grass from the side. reducing the power requirement considerably from that needed to mulch. Stiga do have one offering at the lower end of this type of machine, but we feel the John Deere range is the one to choose for this type of work.

And, for collection both Stiga and John Deere have some excellent machines on offer. In general the Stiga models will work out a little cheaper, and they benefit from having smaller, cheaper machines on offer. So if you require a collector ride on less than 36" (92cm) and less than £2500 then Stiga are the ones to check out, but when we get to the 107cm (42") mowers then John Deere have some very good offerings, but be prepared to pay a small premium for the green machine over the yellow.

Stiga do however have a well priced 125cm collector with 4wd, a very worthwhile bit of kit at 1/3 the price of the JD offering, though to be fair there is no comparson in quality, but yo would not expect there to be with the price differential.

Check these machines out in our product finder.