Stiga Park 540 PX
Stiga Park 540 PX 4WD with 100 Combi3 EL deck


Pivot steer.Stiga ST500 452cc single cylinder engine. 4WD. For up to 2 acres. 5 year warranty.

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The Stiga Park 540 PX  4WD ride on lawnmower  features the unique articulated steering system that Stiga introduced  in 1974 and has remained virtually unchanged since. The beauty of the system is that the rear wheels track exactly on the path of the front wheels, so that whichever way you turn the rear will never swing wide and hit obstacles or drop off the edge of the lawn.

The operator has total vision of the deck and this feature used in conjunction with the articulated steering enable the operator to place the deck wherever he wants it with complete accuracy. Cutting right into corners and even under overhanging shrubs is easily achieved, and the edge of the lawn can be followed with total accuracy.  The Stiga Park 540 PX has a hydraulic steering system which slightly makes steer in effortless in confined areas with lots of slow turning. 

The Stiga Parks all feature electrical height of cut adjustment which can be carried out via a switch on the side console. 

The Park 540 PX can easily handle the 2 bladed 95 and 105cm Combi decks, or even the 3 bladed 110 Combi Pro deck, although this deck may benefit from a larger engined Park model if it is to be used on steep ground or long grass.

 Its all very well having this degree of steering accuracy and deck vision, but it would still be possible to bump into things in front and behind if the operator has insufficient control over his forward and reverse speed and stopping ability. So the Stiga Park 540 PX features a hydrostatic transmission controlled by an ergonomically designed rocking foot pedal. Simple push the balanced pedal forwards to move forward, the further you push it the faster the machine goes, right up to its maximum forward speed of 10km/hr.

Then, simply easing the foot pressure slows the machine down, and removing your foot altogether will bring you gently to a standstill. Shifting your foot pressure to the rear of the pedal will enable you to reverse. There is absolutely no need to use the clutch and brake pedal whilst driving your Stiga Park. The Park 540 PX also has permanent 4 wheel drive to ensure that it always has perfect traction even on slopes.

Of course, every mower needs an engine, and Stiga have not stinted there either, fitting the Park 540 with a Stiga ST500 452cc single cylinder engine developing 8.5 kw, or what we would one time have called a 16.5hp engine.

The combination of these feature render this machine suitable for up to 2 acres of grass.

The normal 5 year warranty on the machine and 10 year deck warranty apply.

This model is priced with the 100 Combi 3 EL QF deck, but other decks are available. Please see the related products below for deck options.


All you need to know about mulching

Starting MethodKey
Engine BrandStiga
Engine TypeST500
Engine Capacity452cc
Net Power Output8.5kW
Fuel Tank Capacity12 litre
TransmissionHydrostatic & Reverse
Max Speed10km/hr
Axle DiameterFront 1" Rear 3/4"
WheelsFront 16" Rear 16"
Articulated SteeringYes
Power Assisted SteeringHydraulic
Steering LinkChain/Chain
Steering BallYes
Deck LiftManual
Deck Size95cm, 100cm, 105cm or 110cm
Height of Cut25-85mm (10 Positions)
Electric Cutting Height AdjustmentsYes NB Requires Electric Deck
Cruise ControlNo
Hour Metre, Lights, Adjustable Steering WheelHour Metre, Headlights
Overall Length / Width245-130cm
Lawn Size1.5 to 2 acres
Warranty3 Years
Chassis Warranty10 Years

The engine of this machine requires SAE30 oil. The engine will be filled prior to delivery, but subsequent oil changes will require 1.5 litres of oil. We suggest that a first oil change is carried out at roughly 10 hours use, then on an annual basis.

We would also suggest that an annual service is carried out.

The engine is designed to run on standard unleaded fuel, but please be aware that this fuel will go stale very quickly so it is best to use fuel that is less than 60 days old or engine problems can occur.

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