Stiga Park 900 WX 4WD with Combi Pro 110 Q Plus Deck
Stiga Park 900 WX 4WD with Combi Pro 110 Q Plus Deck


Pivot steer. B&S Vanguard 11.8 kW twin cylinder engine. 4WD. For up to 3 acres. 5 year warranty.

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The Stiga Park 900 WX 4WD with Combi Pro 110 Q Plus Deck is the Flagship of the 4WD Park range, powered by  a Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 18 twin  cylinder engine supplying 11.9kW of power, which is roughly equivalent to what was previously known  as 18hp. The 4WD offers the ultimate in sure footed traction.

This engine provides bags of torque to power any of the decks up to the 110 Combi Pro, and on flat ground will cope easily with the 125cm Combi pro deck.

As with all the Park ride on mowers the 900 WX features electric height control of the cutting deck so that the cutting height can be controlled effortlessly from the driving seat

This articulated lawn tractor with its front deck will achieve an unrivalled mulched finish and is ideally suited for grassed areas from  2.0 acres upwards depending on deck size.


The hydrostatic drive gives you full control of your speed and direction, just press the foot pedal forward to move forward or backwards to go into reverse. The more pressure you apply, the faster you travel - just take  your  foot off the pedal to stop without the need for a brake.

The Park range of garden tractors offer excellent all round visibility and it gives a superb finish! Mowing around trees, in and out of corners or under shrubs is easy as the unique articulated steering system means the rear wheels will always follow the front wheels. There's no chance of the back of the machine catching on anything.

The Park 900 WX features the same steering as the other models, using tough chains, but with a Hydraulic servo system which greatly reduces the steering effort, making it great for taking full advantage of the front deck in confined spaces involving a lot of manoeuvring even for operators with a light build

This Park model comes with a 5 year warranty 

The model featured is priced with a Combi Pro 110 Q Plusdeck. See the related products below for the deck options



All you need to know about mulching

Starting MethodKey
Engine BrandBriggs & Stratton
Engine TypeVangaurd 18 Twin Cylinder
Engine Capacity570cc
Net Power Output11.9kW @ 3200rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity12 litre
TransmissionHydrostatic & Reverse
Max Speed10km/hr
Axle DiameterFront 1" Rear 3/4"
WheelsFront 16" Rear 16"
Articulated SteeringYes
Power Assisted SteeringHydraulic
Steering LinkChain/Chain
Steering BallYes
Deck LiftManual
Deck Size95cm, 100cm, 110cm or125cm
Height of Cut25-85mm (10 Positions)
Electric Cutting Height AdjustmentsYes NB Requires Electric Deck
Cruise ControlNo
Hour Metre, Lights, Adjustable Steering WheelHour Metre, Headlights
Overall Length / Width245 x 130cm
Lawn Size1.5 to 2 acres
Warranty5 Years

The engine of this machine requires SAE30 oil. The engine will be filled prior to delivery, but subsequent oil changes will require 2.5 litres of oil. We suggest that a first oil change is carried out at roughly 10 hours use, then on an annual basis.

We would also suggest that an annual service is carried out.



The engine is designed to run on standard unleaded fuel, but please be aware that this fuel will go stale very quickly so it is best to use fuel that is less than 60 days old or engine problems can occur.

We recommend the use of ASPEN 4 fuel as it will last indefinitely without going stale, so peak performance and starting is always guaranteed. ASPEN 4 is however more expensive than standard petrol and can be purchased in sealed 5 litre cans from ourselves at the Colaton Raleigh shop.

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