Stiga ZT 5132
Stiga ZT 5132 T Zero Turn


Stiga ZT 5132 Zero Turn ride on for areas up to 5 acres

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Stiga ZT Zero Turn Ride-on Mowers can actually turn 360 degrees on the spot making them incredibly manoeuvrable and ideal fin confined areas containing obstacles as well as being much faster on open spaces and save you considerable time turning around at each end. A Zero Turn you can save up to 50% on mowing time compared to a normal ride on mower. We offer  two models suitable for areasof up to 5 acres.

The larger of the two models is the Stiga ZT 5132 T.  A very comfortable seat with armrests support you properly, whilst the the lifting pedal lets you adjust the deck lift without having to stop mowing. The two levers steering system allows you to turn the mower accurately and quickly. The heavy duty 132 cm steel deck has three blades and is built to last for years. Its cutting efficiency is combined with castor type pivoting front wheels to enable turn easily without damaging or grooving the lawn.  Power is supplied from the Twin cylinder Kawasaki engine.

These mowers can cover ground much faster than conventional ride ons.They excel especially when operating in the side discharge mode, but when the mulch cover is fiitted forward speed may need to be reduced in longer or wetter grass. 

To be honest, if you are after the best mulch finish on fine lawns then you may be better sticking with a Park front deck mulching machine, but if you regularly need to tackle large areas of longer grass and can tolerate some visible grass residue then the ZT may be the tool for you.

This machine carries a 3 year warranty


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