Stga 530SG
Stiga Autoclip 530 SG robotic mower


Stiga Autoclip 530 SG - works smarter and faster, cutting your lawn to perfection. it does the work, so you don't have to. Suitable for gardens up to 3200 sq/metre

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Sit back and relax and let Stiga 230 SAutoclip mower do all the work.

A new form of intelligence for large lawns.

The new Autoclip 530 SG is the smartest mower ever designed by Stiga This smart robot mower can easily maintain lawns up to 3200m² and can cut up to 4 separate mowing areas. The highly efficient brushless motor is powered by a 7.5Ah high performance Lithium-Ion battery, delivering run times up to 3 and a half hours per cutting cycle. Thanks to the connectivity module, you can not just program, but also control and interact with the robot at any time and wherever it is, via the smartphone app, free to download from appstores.

With its integrated GPS system, this auto mower can map terrain for an intelligent sub-zone cut, mowing quickly and efficiently. The four-toothed 29cm stainless steel blade will cut the lawn a few millimeters each day, ensuring a perfect finish. A sensor will trigger an intelligent spiral movement when cutting areas of longer grass, and will automatically return and hook up to the charging station when required, guided by the perimeter cable. Stiga Autoclips do not need a guide wire across the lawn.

A gyroscope optimises the navigation , whilst. safety sensors on the wheels make Autoclip's blade stop immediately in case of capsizing, lifting or any other unidentified movement. Special Eco-Mode sensors can detect if the lawn has been cut; if that's the case, the mower will return to the charging station and wait for the next working cycle rather than roamong the lawn without need.

It is always best to cut in dry weather, so, when it is raining the rain sensor on Autoclip automatically returns it to its base where it stays until it stops raining. A PIN code lock protects Autoclip from theft, unauthorised use and access to the programming mode.

A real efficient mower ready to assist you in taking care of your garden.

We offer professional installation on all our robotic mowers. We lay the perimeter cable 50mm underground for neatness and protection. Prices will vary depending on the size and complexity of the garden.

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