The autonymous Stiga M5 robotic mower
Stiga Autoclip M5


Robot lawnmower for lawns up to 500 m², powered by a lithium-ion battery. Easy to set up and use, especially suitable for self installation.

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The STIGA Autoclip M5 is a robotic, autonymous lawnmower for lawns up to 500m².The M5 is able to operate continuously in one, or two separate areas for cutting cycles of up to 50 minutes on its 2.5-Ah lithium-ion battery and then returns itself to its charging base.

The Autoclip M5 is supplied with everything for self installation in straightforward gardens. It is vey simple to set up with the supplied kit and easy to use, both in manual mode or automatic mode which has several preset programs. It can also very easily be programmed using the Autoclip Remote app connected via Bluetooth. When used for daily mowing, the 25 cm steel blade ensures lush and healthy lawn growth. This autonymous robotic mower also features rain sensors and a security code.

The steel blade, measuring 25 cm in diameter, is sharp and strong to ensure a perfect cut and healthy lawn. It is formed from a single piece of steel, so there is no risk of defragmenting.

The built-in keypad allows you to switch between manual and automatic mode. 

Everything in a box for you to install yourself, or we can install it for you at an extra cost (varies depending on size and complexity of garden.)

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