Stiga Autoclip M& robotic mower
Stiga Autoclip M7


Robot lawnmower powered by lithium-ion batteries, for lawns up to 750 m². Easy to set up and use. Suitable for self installation.

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The STIGA Autoclip M7 is a robotic lawnmower suitable for lawns up to 750m². Able to operate in cycles of up to two hours on one charge of its Lithium ion battery, and can divide the area into three separate cutting areas. The lithium-ion battery-powered STIGA Autoclip M7 is compact, quiet and eco-friendly. It is also easy to set up, program and use, and can even be installed in smaller garden by the householder.

All functions can be controlled using the built-in display or via Bluetooth connected to the Autoclip Remote app on your smartphone or tablet. Daily mowing with the powerful and precise 25 cm blade ensures healthy lawn growth. The robot features rain sensors, a safety code and eco mode function which enables the robot to recognise which areas have already been cut.

Everthing is supplied in the box for a pegged installation on your lawn, or we can install with an underground cable if you wish. The charge for our installation service will depend on size and complexity of the area to be cut.

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