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Rotary mower service and repair costs in East Devon for Self propelled mowers at Garden Kit Ltd. Your lawnmower will be serviced at our Colaton Raleigh workshop situated midway between West Hill and Budleigh Salterton.

The standard service price for a rotary pedestrian mower which is self propelled includes the Labour and VAT. All parts used will be charged extra, as will labour for repairs over and above the costs of service work.

Mowers in non-working condition will not be considered for standard servicing, but will be considered as repairs, and will be charged at the hourly rate of £60.00 for the duration of the repair

Due to the increasing concerns regarding the safety of our employees and customers, our policy is that we no longer use ordinary 'pump' petroll in our workshop. We will only be using ASPEN FUEL from now on.
We have introduced this policy to address health concerns surrounding the use of regular fuel in our work environment.

Prices are liable to change without notice.

With standard service parts such as plugs, oil and filters you can expect to pay around £120 to £130 minimum

Rotary Self Propelled Service Comprises

  • washing the mower prior to service
  • removal, sharpening and balancing of blade - refitting
  • removal of wheels and greasing of bearings
  • draining and refilling engine oil
  • cleaning of carburettor bowl
  • cleaning of fuel tank
  • checking and/or replacement of fuel hose
  • replacement of spark plug
  • checking and/or replacement of starter cord
  • inspection of lubrication on cables
  • testing of engine and setting of engine speed

Garden Kit is an authorised Briggs and Stratton service centre for the East Devon area. We offer sales, service, repair and spares for B&S engines from our modern workshops in Colaton Raleigh.

Brigss and Stratton engines are the most commonly found petrol engines on todays garden machinery, and we cater for the service and repair of engines, as well as the supply of service items such as spark plugs, air filters, fuel filters and oil filters. 

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