Eliet Minor 4S
Eliet Minor 4S


The Eliet Minor 4S petrol powered shredder with 6.5hp Honda GX200 engine

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The Eliet Minor 4S petrol shredder features a wide feed hopper which easily accomodates large volumes of garden waste. It has large pneumatic wheels to let you move it easily to every corner of your garden.

A steel safety shield and a heavy debris flap protect the operator from material kickback. Now and then a thicker branch will get caught up in the garden waste and if this proves too much for the Eliet Minor 4S, the belt drive will absorb the force introduced by this sudden blockage, taking the load off other drive components.

The Eliet Minor 4S garden shredder is equally at home in the private garden, as well as for light pro use. This chipper is compact and light, which allows easy access  through the smallest of  gates. The wide feed-in opening easily accepts  thick branches with lots of twigs attached measuring up to 45 mm diameter at the stem.

The Eliet Minor 4S shredder is  easy and pleasant to use. It smoothly combines a wide hopper for various types of waste with compactness and ease of use. Branches that are twisted or branches with a great deal of bushy side growth, pose no difficulty. The discharge turbine produces a suction effect sucking the chippings into the shredding rotor, and then blows them out through the 270° variable angle chute.  When no materials are being shredded, this turbo shredding system remains in operation to prevent blockage and to constantly clear the shredding chamber.

Chipping is a pleasant task when you use a good machine.  When you first see the Eliet Major 4S, you will notice that this machine is designed to cope with rough handling. The thick sheet steel frame is built for durability.

The Minor 4s has a narrower feed in hopper than the larger Major model but nevertherless the integral guide funnel enables feeding several branches into the machine at the same time.

12 razor-sharp blades shred all kinds of garden waste into nice chippings. And, when they eveentually dull, you can reverse the blades so that they last twice as long. The patented ELIET Chopping PrincipleTM has the blades set so as to cut the wood in the fibre direction, which requires a lot less power than the chipping systems that are known everywhere. The blades also cover the full chamber width, ensuring that everything is chipped without fail before it leaves the crushing chamber.

Everything on this machine is designed to have a long operating life. ELIET shredders have the engine power transmitted via a belt transmission. If the shredders is overloaded, the impact of a sudden blockage is absorbed by the belt and not by the crankshaft of the engine. This prevents the  fatigue of the crankshaft that direct mounted chippers can suffer.

Large wheels facilitate transport over unpaved paths or uneven lawns. The machine does not have to be lifted in the transportation position thanks to the excellent distribution of weight, which makes it extremely easy to handle the machine in any garden.

This chipper technology exploits the weakness of wood by cutting with the grain. The blades of the ELIET shredders cut into the stems like small hatchets. As a result the wood is cut with the grain.  The blades repeat the cycle a thousand of times a minute. The process results in uniform chips that are perfect as a mulch layer or on your compost heap.

 6,5 HP Honda GX200 engine
Shreddable timberdiameter 45 mm / 1,8 inch
Chopping speed (cuts/min) 24.000
Capacity (full box/h) 16
Shredding technology Eliet Chopping PrincipleTM
Knives 12 HS-steel (reversible)
Feed intake opening 220x300 mm / 8,8x12 inch
Feed height 750 mm / 30 inch
Chassis steel 2,5 - 3 mm / 0.10 - 0.12 inch
Wheels (Ø x W / material) pneumatic tyres 4.00 - 4/4 ply
Cutting width 220 mm / 8,8 inch
Transmission V-belt XPA 1600
dB(A) 109 dB(A)
Dimensions (LxWxH in mm/inch) 1250x520x1100 mm
  49x20x43 inch
Weight 65 kg / 144 pounds

Shredders require service just like any other machine, and we at Garden Kit are pleased to be able to service your purchase. The engine wiil benefit from a full service to include a new plug, new oil, a clean air filter and carburettor bowl clean.

The Honda engine will be filled with SAE10W30 oil prior to delivery, but we suggest that an oil change is carried out at around 5hours of use, followed by a full service annually.

The full service will include attending to belt tension and sharpening (or replacing) the blades.

Although this machine would traditionally be run on standard unleaded fuel, we strongly recomend the use of ASPEN 4 alkylate fuel. The reason for this is that modern petrol degrades rapidly after purchase and should be used within 60 days or damage to fuel systems can result causing poor starting and performance.

Unleaded petrol also burns poorly, resulting in unpleasant fumes which can cause nausea and fatigue in the operator. The Aspen fuel burns much more cleanly creating a much more pleasant, and safer, working environment.

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